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  1. I would like to know how the problem of the trucks parking in the main rd will be addressed….. We have an increasing level of prostitutes roaming the streets and the urban jungle increases…. Many more muggings …. The Traffic Police harassing our customers and arresting them mostly because they are WHITE. Especially the woman….,It is ruining the town center while the waterfront thrives. Cracks are appearing in our building at Bloo Bistro because of the vibrations of these, ” Super Trucks”.

    • Muggings definitely on the increase. Even during the day now. I heard of 2 false arrests last year in your area which was cops intimidating women for bribes – terrible. You have to do your due diligence first so if you haven’t yet made official complaints, and kept a track record, please do so and then send me the info if they don’t respond. You should chat to other businesses too, as far up as Vee’s video. A united front is stronger. Knysna has to start standing together on issues.

  2. They must be exposed for what they are! Sooner or later the people of my lovely town will realise that the DA is not so squeaky clean as they are pretending to be.We will monitor the way they are running our town and keep them accountable without fear or favour.

    • “Keep them accountable without fear or favour” but with fairness. Let’s keep in mind that there were also problems with the previous administration. It’s important that we do not judge the ANC or the DA before we judge the individuals who disgrace their names. South Africa, like many countries, has a problem with its leaders who forget that they are suppose to be public servants. The DA is definitely not “squeaky clean” but they get the stick more on this blog because they are currently in power.

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