The Monkey and the Loerie Bird — No Comments

  1. To whom it may concern.
    I have been on the South Coast for over 40 years on a small holding. Even though we have plenty vervet monkeys all around us, none have ventured on our property even though the bird life is prolific. The one bird that has eluded our property has been the Loerie.
    This year for the first time the loerie have nested and call regulary. Now the vervet monkeys are regularly seen on our property.
    Is there a link?
    I would be very interested!

    • That is fascinating. I can’t give it proof as most of the vervets were unfortunately wiped out so nature hasn’t been allowed its due course. But glad to hear that the loerie is by you. Certainly one of the prettiest birds and we’re lucky to stay in 2 of the 3 areas it can be found. They are marvelous.