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  1. I am always saddened by the current status of people who do not look at bright of future of this country with its people whose desire to see apartheid be a thing of the past. I love my country I hate the divides

  2. Things in SA always more complex than on the surface…………

    According to the latest census, the Eastern Cape Province ‘lost’ 1,5 million people in the last 5 years – 900 000 went to Gauteng, 600 000 to the Western Cape. Cape Town’s population has grown by 28.1% in the last 10 years. As for Knysna – who knows? .

    People have been migrating for centuries in search of new opportunities -but ask yourself which city or town anywhere in the world can accommodate such growth in numbers regarding infrastructure and services?

    Having said that the neo-liberal economic policies so favoured by this Gvt will mean that the poor and unskilled people will never have real opportunities – waiting for economic benefits to ‘trickle down’ aint never going to happen.


    • Yep, trickle down is not going to happen. If it doesn’t work in little Knysna, it’s not going to happen elsewhere.

      I may dislike our government and despise some of our politicians but that doesn’t mean i don’t realise the mammoth task in front of them. Migration is a massive issue and i fear that the ANC are deliberately not assisting the Western Cape so as to put pressure on the DA. Again, all about politics and never the People.

  3. Dear Mike you are the first white-african to acknowledge these inequalities,I applaude you sir,the question we should ask ourselves is what can I do for my community rather than what can my country/governing party do for me,it’s nice to point fingers at 1994 but nobody acknowledges to what happened prior ’94 where people were marginalised for almost 300years and people expext it to be rectified in 20years it will neva happen…I agree with the principle of UBUNTU and EQUAL OPPERTUNITY for all,no matter your race or class.(Brown-african)don’t see myself as coloures as we were first classified as mixed race,than non-european than coloured.

    • I’m definitely not the first to question this but certainly one of the few whites to do so in Knysna. I agree that 20 years is short when looking at history but apathy may be our ‘extra special’ attribute which screws up the future. I agree with you, if everyone said, “What can i do to help?” life would be far better.

  4. I think that people have to stop calling inequality racilism. Since 1994 the so called oppressed people of SA have been told they wil be helped, nothing has yet happened. All you see in Knysna is the growth of squatters that has increased since 1994 for voting purposes, you politician must stop being blinded with what is actually happening in SA. We have bad governing and thats that. A lot of you councillors are in your jobs just for the salary like the insurance agents in this country, you are unconcerned about you clients benefits. Do a marketing job in Knysna and find out how many actual South Africans are squatting in the area.

    • I agree with you that sometimes there is a difference between the two but in the case of South Africa, both definitions would apply.

      Our country is rich so i concur that it’s bad governing by greedy politicians. I’m asking questions that they should have been asking from the beginning e.g. how many unemployed, crime figures, oversight of money etc. I am desperate to meet one politician from any party who i truly believe has a passion to make Knysna more beautiful.

  5. I’m afraid to disagree with you that the tremendous inequalities existing in Knysna are the result of racism! Rather look to saint Madiba. The first thing he did was scrap the RDP. Secondly he oversaw a massive and needless arms deal that corrupted the ruling party to this day. All that’s taken place is that a ‘new elite’, has taken over. So the poor should rather be looking at their party’s failed neo liberal policies where the only hope for the poor is a ‘dribble down’ benefit of economic growth. Capitalism has failed, the world is now in the hands of the banksters.

    • I agree and disagree. I have written that there is a class war and that very much involves riches and poordoms, rather than the colour of skin. The National Party and the ANC, opposite dogmas and intentions, failed the people. There is a problem with power. But on a societal level, apartheid is reinforced. How many white madams have had dinner with their maids in Concordia? How many Kwikspars, Pick ‘n Pays, Shoprites and Shell garages are there in the Northern Suburbs where the majority of people live? How are the majority of the citizens involved in Knysna itself? All in all, it’s a complicated mess.

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