The Other Face of the Plett DA — 3 Comments

  1. The DA’s actions all over the Western Cape clearly demonstrates they have no interest in nation building, democracy and good governance. I concur with Tolly they are evil and does irrepairable damage in all the areas they so dim ally fail to govern. Its looting, lies, corruption at the scale of the apartheid government.

    • I absolutely agree that the DA has been underhanded but what dismays me more is this continued ANC versus DA and DA versus ANC bullshit.

      Why aren’t ANC members also being as fervent when criticizing their party. There is no difference between the ANC, DA and National Party if to rule means to lie to the public and enrich themselves.

      If anything, this is a class war and the public and political party members have been bamboozled into distraction. Give me, give us, critics who are voracious against all wrong.

      The real problem is leadership and bias. We will all sink unless we seek truth followed by action.

  2. Well done Kenny, someboddy has the courage to tell it as it is, THE TRUTH
    and believe me you are only scratching at the tip of the iceberg. when you dig deeper you will find you are dealing with evil people, causing more heartach and damage than can ever be repaired. At this stage they couldnt care less who and how much they hurt people as long as they can achieve their political gain—-DISGUSTING. please tell the people more, maybe even the unenlighted die hards will learn something from the truth

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