Then & Now: Power Station -> Turbine Hotel — No Comments

  1. I work in the powerstation at thesen for seven and half jrs and I am very happy to see that moste of the station been left like it whase and I love to work there and all the memory,s about thesen thank you

    • I never had the privilege of witnessing it before the changes but their retention of the past has made it into a concept that i love. Keeping history should be applauded but they went beyond that into utter class. I’ve even had a well-traveled, German tourist agree with me that it’s the best hotel i’ve seen. I can only imagine what it must be like for you to have worked there in the old days and then go for a meal now.

  2. Hello Mike,
    I enjoyed reading your editorial on the Turbine Hotel. Great stuff!
    I will send you some more input soon.
    Back in South Africa now.
    Kind regards,

    • Thanks but not much credit to me. Picked pieces of what was already done for them. Love that hotel. Maybe the best building in Knysna.

      Hope that the trip was awesome.