Tik: Knysna’s Most Dangerous Drug — No Comments

  1. Please there is something called CHOICE i for one am also strugling to survive a product of divorce parents with no formal schooling no employment but taking drugs or tuk no thank you enjoy your high and die make space for a new generation gov should not waste money on druggies rather cater for the genuine poor who cant get work take all these drugies and put them in a concentration camp like the do in Norway cheers

    • Yes, there is always choice and it easy for me to be harsher on that with regards adults but kids are too easily persuaded by situation and peer group.

  2. Yeah I’m greatfull to God who makes it possible for me…I’m a former drugaddict..if it was’nt for God I would’nt have made it…now I’m looking back 8years back there was’nt hope for me…..yah but Jesus Came into my life and changes everything and His GRACE is more than enough for me…be encourage…there is hope afterall..what He has done for me,He can do for you….just try Him..

    And by the grace of God we will make it through jus believe…
    Gods bless.

  3. i had 2 children addicted to heroin. i still can’t decide which is the worst..tik or heroin, but all i know is that our country is in a very serious crisis,despite the the beautiful pictures our leaders paint. i’ve developed drug-info on all drugs that i’m taking to the ANC and DA…hope they will wake up and see that they need to start doing something about the drugs in the country. knysna is beautiful and i truly wish you all the success needed in saving your town. You can contact me on 078 187 6940 or 058 303 0792 celeste williams

    • Will definitely email you. I’m horrified that smaller towns in our area seem apathetic and without a plan. If there’s any correlation with Cape Town, Tik is #1 and Heroin #2 as the drugs of choice. The latter has re-surged owing to super cheap pricing (Afghanistan delivering 80% of the world’s popsupply since the USA invaded it).