Tik: Let’s Fight It — No Comments

  1. Thank you for your good work. I visited the Montana Meth Project’s web site and was amazed how much they are doing to fight METH abuse. it is a pitty that there are no phamplet that explain the problem it the same way as the video material on their site. I would love to have a poster that can be used in the Western Cape that can make the public aware of the dangers and how to fight it. The poor does not always have access to the internet. if you know of any printable material that can be used without having to design it please let me know.

    • Thanks, Laurett. The topic of tik has been the most popular (consistently) on this blog the past 2 years so it shows that there is an obvious interest and that the government is not providing good enough resources. Considering how old this article, and it’s companion, are, that’s damn tragic. I don’t know of any local resources offhand. Despite the problem in my town, there’s practically no option and there doesn’t seem to be sufficient oversight of those getting Lotto monies to combat it. And all the politicians do is talk. Undoubtedly, like anti-crime programs, there will be more initiatives the closer we get to elections but should be considered as worthless. If anyone truly cared, there would have been a provincial program decades ago…and still running now, bigger, better and more educated to itself.

    • Does this tik users even realise what they doing to their bodies oh my word its horrible 🙁

  2. Just once is all it takes. The first time you use it is your choice thereafter it is an addiction, a illness. Many people dont understand addiction and there are many myths for example that people think it is a moral deficiency. The fact is it is not! There are doctors, attorneys etc. in the world that are addicts. If you need any advice or information please contact me. I assist addicts and their loved ones to find rehabs that suite their need and budget. There is hope!

    • Lovely website you have. Glad that you’re putting info out there. Here, in Knysna, there is a severe lack of info. I hope to start an info portal down the line.

      A mate of mine was recently found unconscious after a heroin OD. She’s in her third rehab in as many months.