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  1. I reckon it would be prudent to wait until the visitors have left which will leave those that are working the season in a better position to attend. Also time will be needed to sink this date into the community consciousness.
    I propose a Feb date. I am pretty sure that KADA, the Diving and Fishing club in Waterfront drive, would be a perfect venue and feel sure they would donate the venue for the meeting.
    Radio and print advertising could go a long way to ensuring attendance.

    Any chance, Susan, that you could answer any of my above questions? Especially the one regarding the joining of the action as co-Plaintiffs?

    • I agree and had also suggested to Campbell that we wait until season passes. There’s been enough readers of this article to make it one of the most popular of the year but it will be eventually diluted by seasonal, frenetic activity. Makes sense to start a bigger awareness campaign in the new year which capitalises on simple bullet points so that everyone can understand what’s happening clearly.

      Thanks to every commentator here for breaking the too-afraid-too-comment attitude that often exists. This is our town. We love it. And we have to be loud in love to protect her.

    • Patrick I would love to answer your questions and discuss the matter with you. Would you mind letting me have your contact details and I shall contact you to discuss the matter. My email is sucam@mweb.co.za

  2. Yes Andre, I did create a bushcamp on the 80 hectare property, in a clearing in the coastal thicket that had been in existence for more than 50 years. I wanted to exercise our primary rights and build a residential dwelling, but followed the advice of the Goukamma management and built a bush camp instead.

    The property was alien-infested and has now been cleared of all alien vegetation. We are negotiating with Cape Nature to formally protect the land in a private nature reserve.

    I do not want to stop anyone from exercising their primary rights.

    What CMAI proposed for the Uitzicht property was a high density residential development, comprising of 600 houses, a shopping centre and petrol station. Essentially a small village.

  3. Hi Mike.

    To be fair and transparant I suggest that Susan informs the public of her own small development near Brenton on Sea in a natural conservation area. The accommodation establishment she has developed there is called Endlovana and more details can be obtained from the website if you follow the link http://www.endlovana.co.za/ . Now that she has created her own little paradise she is attempting to prevent others from the same privilages.

    • Hi, Andre. That would’ve been fair info if you hadn’t added the final bit i.e. you’re taking a dig at Campbell. I’ll keep you anonymous to the public but considering who you are and who you work with that’s a grey comment.

      This has, in fact, being answered in detail before when an anonymous person took a shot at her earlier this year. I believe in transparency so asked her for a full response which she delivered (and more). You can read it at http://www.knysnakeep.org/knysna-environmentalist-responds-to-comment-attack. Campbell, if she were only interested in her tented accommodation, would never have studied environmental law.

      From my side, as i’ve said before, i’m not against development. My angle is transparency in the process. And the CMAI award, and the Knysna Municipality’s disdainful handling of public questioning is anything but that.

  4. “Like”. I agree with you Mike, the only way to stop this blatant corruption is to take the award of the tender on review. Its very importantto get the right legal team to take on this matter since the Western Cape Bar is very biased towards the Western Cape goverment as I have discovered for the past ten years. The process regarding the appointment is definately unlawful as well as the refusal to provide information as requested. I can now unserstand the silence ofte ANC on this matter some of them are certainly being co-opted in return for financial gain.

    • I wish! Legal action seems to be for the rich which is why the public is getting screwed more than ever. And the irony is that the government uses taxpayers’ cash to defend itself against the taxpayer. I would have sued for truth long time ago if i’d had the cash.

  5. How exactly do we join as co-plaintiffs?

    Can we take independent action to expose this corruption, like advertising on radio and our local paper, Action Ads?

    Are there alternate awareness campaigns in the pipeline?

    Does The Western Heads Protection Group have a facebook/Twitter page?

    Is there ANYONE in authority that has a supportive ear in this debacle?

    Is this mess capable of holding water with the Public Protector?

    Is there a response team that is willing to discuss these allegations with anyone who needs clarification, and if not, are there those that are willing to BE a part of that response team?

    Has a petition been undertaken yet?

    Is there an impact study that will refute the claims by the Mulder family juggernaut? Who will be negatively affected and how?

    So many questions, so little time. Here is the chance for anyone who has wondered how to contribute to their local well-being, to do so.

    • Best Susan answer you fully but in the meanwhile you’ll know from my past coverage that Susan has been hard at work at this for most of the year. The Western Heads Protection Group don’t have a website (and should get one) but they do have a track record as they were instrumental in blocking Mulder/Barlow and PG Bison from building in Uitzicht in 2007.

      Where i empathise with them is that Lauren Waring and the DA have treated them the same way i’ve being treated regards the issues i’ve presented i.e. silence or answers that don’t answer. There is a massive blockade around this issue locally but, if you’ll recall, Susan was quoted extensively in the Cape Times article earlier this year (was front page in their Garden Route print).

      Petitions are simply ignored by government but i’ve suggested to several people that we should run one so as to show the will of Knysna which in turn, i hope, would assist in gaining media coverage. Not to mention, in a possible court scenario, it could assist in demonstrating matters as public interest. I’m all too aware that the villains of Knysna are reading this paragraph too 🙁

      I can’t speak for them but i believe that we should all work together towards an awareness campaign that simultaneously highlights key issues such as the ISDF, municipal salaries and Tourism cover-up (presented as simply as possible through flyers, print ads and video). I direct it at everyone but since you’re the first commentator, Patrick, let me first ask you, “Will you help?” 🙂

      • I think we should have a public meeting in January to inform interested parties and to answer any questions. Any suggestions of date and venue?

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