Open Letter to Knysna’s Leaders — No Comments

  1. I have read your ongoing blogs and find that the facts do not tie up. One of your main points is that all of this could have been avoided if the CEO had met with you. By asking some questions I have found that you, in fact, cut off the contact with Knysna Tourism & said you could not have any further dealings with them. I am all for raising justified concerns, but changing & twisting the truth should not be a part of a public process of this nature.

    Below is an exert from a letter which you sent to the CEO on 25 May and Tourism has forwarded to me at my request for info on this issue:
    ‘As you are the head of Tourism, and embody the department, i cannot deal with Tourism anymore.’

    Please be careful to stick to the truth as we make our living from tourism and cannot afford momentum to be disturbed by personal issues.

    • Firstly, be kind enough to identify yourself. Secondly, i stated in one of the blogs that i had sent an email stating that i will not work with Shaun before. That was after over a month of hitting my head against the door. I will not work on any project with him until his conduct is properly questioned and Tourism is transparent. I do not twist the facts. But you do detract from the larger issues which is a lack of transparency. Instead of being a Board or Shaun supporter, be a Knysna supporter.

      • Full mail: Terrible and disapointing response because it does not cover the most important part which is that you lied to me…several times. I’ve been diplomatic in not being that straight forward because i believed you to be a good man and was hoping it was down to stress. I have been patient in trying to get a response from you. During that you made no effort at all. Furthermore, you unnecessarily include a personal paragraph to a staff member. The value of people is always more important than the value of money. You have chosen to be a bad person. I don’t deal with bad people. As you are the head of Tourism, and embody the department, i cannot deal with Tourism anymore.

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