Tourism Backlash #2: Greg Vogt's Lawyer — No Comments

  1. The must just bring it on. They will be exposed in an open court of law and will certainly regret taking the matter to court.We can also apply to the Legal Resources Centre for legal assistance if the need arises.

  2. A Section 21 company that is using public funds to run that “company”, therefore open to public scrutiny.

  3. This Greg Vogt through his lawyer must now identify which information or statements are defamatory in order for you to respond appropriately. This letter/ email message amounts to intimidation to say the least. Greg Vogt must now accept and his lawyers must advise him properly that when he made himself available as member of Knysna Tourism and subsequently the CEO thereof, he entered the realm of public office and his salary is been paid with public funds. He is now open to public scrutiny and should therefore not cry foul when his actions attracts public attention. Mike, I don’t think you need an expensive lawyer for this matter.Maybe a candidate attorney from one of the local firms or justice centre will be able to assist you in this trivial matter.

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