Tourism questions for the Knysna DA — No Comments

  1. You need to recognise that you speak very quickly and at great length. You also ask tough questions. But some of them have quick answers and I would like to see those ones being addressed and filed away. If only as a gesture of good faith.

    • I do. Many thoughts in this head. As for the gesture, so would i and i said to them “do what you can now” counts.

    • The outrageous answer is “No!” Although these questions have been received and discussed with Deputy Mayor Michelle Wasserman, Councillor Esme Edge and the Director of Corporate Services, Reggie Smit. All have said they will give me answers…but repeated delays have angered and disappointed me. A printed version is also with the ANC Councillors and via mail with more. In a broader context, i’ve chatted with many and most agree that there is a problem and that there has to be change. This week, i sent a strong mail and made similar calls. Mayor Georlene Wolmarans asked to chat on Friday.

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