Trading the drug tik for sex — 9 Comments

  1. This is horrific. My sons are all grown up and bythe grace of God, do not do this stuff. What future do these kids have and what future does our country have? Government must take action I agree, this scurge will affect us all in the long run. Thank you for an enlightening albeit sickening article.

    • Teens will be the most likely victims but it’s not exclusive to them. Tik, especially in Cape Town, can be found in teens, parents and grandparents.

      My main concern, because it always leads back there, is that we appear to be leaderless. The DA promised a drug program and did nothing. And considering that most white people in our town are DA, it’s highly ironic that it’s hit white kids now too. The ANC must share the blame. Tik was first a problem amongst their supporting communities.

      PS: Check out the two related article links below the blog.

      • I realise that teens are the most likely victims, but it will affect us all in the long- run, unemployment and crime and homeless young adults (as surely parents who themselves are also struggling for survival will soon ask the addict to leave home once the pilfering of home appliances, money etc starts). I did link up to youtube and watched some- of the other clips, sick to my stomach. How do we begin to fix this if not supported by government? And yes, we all know there is a huge drug problem- in knysna – step up to the plate DA!

        • Absolutely. This notion that a community is comprised of islands is ridiculous but if Man never learned from the Nazis then how will he learn now? What happens to one affects others. You allow someone to get away with a misdeed, they return to commit a bigger one.

          Who of us have not encountered addicts who’ve ruined their lives, overdoses, deaths and parents battling to cope…and generally failing?

          As it is our leaders’ responsibility to lead the initiative so it’s the public’s responsibility to make them do so. After all, as said many times previously, they work for us. We are suppose to determine their mandate but, instead, in Knysna we’ve only had lip service on not only this but almost every important matter.

          • In my days the SAP used to come into our school and show us films and photographs and the actual¬†¬†drugs. And then it was not the epidemic it is today.

          • You and Patrick inspired me to compose another blog this morning. It’s a heavy one! I never meant to go that dark but it is what it is. So disturbing that i need to take a break from the topic.

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