Tragedy: 3 Kids Drown off Leisure Isle in Knysna — 12 Comments

  1. Never in my life have i ever ran that far nor that fast!! A lady came crying out of the sea and approached my husband and myself. Totally out of brearh she pleaded us to call for help. There were 4 of them and 3 had gone under water. I promtly handed over my camera to My son and ran as if it was MY life that was at stake. I passes some men whom were having their Christmas party – i asked them if they could help… They told me to run further and get a life guard. Eventually i summonds a young fit life saver who raced back with me to the scene. I hadnt noticed but 1 more life guard was close behind. As i stopped to catch my breath i watched them dive in. My husband was already on the phone to the NSRI and help would arrive shortly. Suddenly there was a commotion – life guards calling out to one another and then promptly diving deeper. Watching with baited breath i saw that each surfaced with a limp child in their arms… Words cant convey the feelings that washed over me! Heartbroken….

  2. As yet, the facts concerning these latest tragedies have still to be fully revealed. But this is inescapably true. The youngsters were not adequately supervised (and neither was the young girl who drowned in the same place a few weeks ago). Whether such parental incompetence can be put down to drink or not, adults should have known better than to let their kids out of their sight, especially after the earlier drowning. Education required.

    • We haven’t even had all the facts from the November drowning yet.

      Whether it’s relevant to this case or not, i’ve been hardarsed about Green Hole (which is a truly lovely place that all should enjoy) because i want all of us to lessen the chances of more tragedies. Accidents happen, for sure, but several of Knysna’s could well have been prevented, from the bus crash to this. It makes me angry and sad.

  3. It is clear that Wicked Mike has no idea what demographics are.
    Demographics are the QUANTIFIABLE statistics of a given population. Demographics are also used to identify the study of quantifiable subsets within a given population which characterize that population at a specific point in time.By stating that the excessive drinking of coloured people is a demographic and not racism implies that ALL coloureds are drunkards.

    I am a coloured and also frequent the Green Hole and don’t consume alcohol when I’m there with family and friends. I have witness on many occasions people from other races using and abusing alcoholic beverages.

    Maybe Wicked Mike suffers from selective colour blindness.

    • Clinton, i have sincere doubts about any newcomer who steps in for the first time with an accusation but you did even more than that which was to say in a private email: “Please remove it from your column or I will refer this complaint to the South African Human Rights Commission. If I don’t receive a response by the 27th of December, I will proceed as indicated.”

      My first reaction would’ve been to gently point out that your attempt at self-righteousness was a result of a lack of education as to who i am and what i do. It would’ve been gentle so as to reach understanding (because that’s better than conflict). But when you threaten i have to question your motives. Adding the two together, and all the ANC your friends on your Facebook, you have truly chosen to be in the dark.

      1. Firstly, i will not shy away from honesty so as to be impractically, politically correct. Alcohol is a massive problem across all races in Knysna but when it comes to Hornlee, as it is across the Western Cape, alcohol abuse is an epidemic. My coloured mates (ironically, several times over a beer with me) readily admit that too. And that’s before all the official reports that have been made for decades.
      2. A “demographic” is a generalisation. There are always exceptions to every generalisation but to question that in this case is to say that you, as an individual, are more important than a problem facing a community – you are not. Your statement denies a problem which, if ‘generalised’, would deny ever finding solution.
      3. Green Hole has a notorious history. It may not be as bad as it was but drunkeness is still regularity and unattended kids a reality.
      4. I’ve already questioned the racism of Leisure Isle via email with regards black and coloured kids i’ve taken on excursion there. Next year, i will challenge the Leisure Isle Residents Association for being racist.
      5. I am the biggest critic of the DA in this town (the ANC doesn’t come close) and i’m also a critic of inequality. I have 6 sites so there’s much for you to look into (if you were willing) but this site, alone, would have given you sufficient pause for long thought…if you had.
      6. A chat to some of your ANC friends on Facebook would’ve likely enlightened you because they know who i am, what i do and that i’m interested in right and wrong, not colour or political party people subscribe too.

      If you’d queried me, i’d have been more than willing to chat with you (still am) but for now, since you’ve threatened me, you will not earn you respect or make me hesitate from my convictions. Political correctness is a load of bullshit that hides problems instead of sorting them.

  4. Tragic. Tragic. Spare a thought too for those who tried to rescue and revive the children, most nsri volunteers are parents themselves and I am sure the young life guards have siblings, an experience they will probably never forget. My heart goes out to all.

    • Tragedy always affects many! takes a special kind of person to be in any emergency service.

      As for the lifeguards, were they on hand (and failed to see what was happening) or were they all stationed at Bollard Bay? Hopefully clarification will emerge during the week.

  5. I made a difficult but conscious decision to mention drinking because it has been a major problem there before. Our town has a drinking problem as a whole but in the coloured community it is most severe and further aided by the fact that almost half the population is unemployed. Green Hole is a favourite hangout. This is a demographic, not racism. All who know me know that i do what i can to bring communities together. The goal is to address problems, comfortable or not. Unconfirmed but it was said that the adults who were suppose to be looking after the 8 year old who drowned there were drunk. And, likewise with this situation, the authorities, according to one report, have battled to find the parents.

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