Uncooperative Tourism & Municipality Must Be Charged — No Comments

  1. Hi Mike,
    Unfortunately until we change the democratic process, whereby politicians and the people appointed by them into positions of authority and power are held accountable, we will continue to get scandals and people not acting in the interests of the communities they are meant to serve. This seems to happen at all levels of government, and it’s up to the general public and in particular those who selflessly take these issues upon themselves (people like you) to remind these committees/government employees/municipal employees/politicians, that is is indeed us, the hard working general public, who are footing the bills, paying salaries and other expenses .
    Imagine if those who exercised power on our behalf had to do it in a transparent and fully accountable way and didn’t have the option of hiding behind layers of bureaucracy and needlessly complicating the issues.

    • Which is why the ‘silent majority’ you mention in your next comment is unacceptable. The public must stop complaining and take responsibility for their lives.

      • what a pity Knysna folk do not stand together, in 20 years we have seen the ratepayers association fail, chamber of business fail, any ideas why ?

        • Too few doing the work of many. Too many getting beaten down by local government playing lip service without solid reality. Too many setting up organizations as islands that don’t work with other bodies. Summarily, the general public dealing with their seemed powerlessness by protecting themselves with useless, pretend indifference…

  2. Mike,
    Its frustrating when you seem to be up against people who are in power. Hopefully the public will support you in your courageous endeavors against ‘the forces of evil’. All around the world people in power cling to it, with only enlightened members of the public standing up for truth. Its only by standing together will the people in power realise that they cant get away with it for long. Good luck!

    • A first test of that would be if supportive commentators choose to be involved. I may meet informants occasionally but, overall, no one has stepped forward to share the load and the cause.

  3. There is no place for threats of any kind especially when your intentions are looking out for the best interests of Knysna and future generations.
    The Knysna Mafia again!
    These threats are just to protect certain individuals sandcastles which they have built for themselves at the expense of Knysna and and under the guise of developing Knysna “for the good of us.”
    Freedom of information is entrenched in our constitution and seekers of information and whistleblowers must be protected by the state.

  4. A Thousand thank you’s Mike. Just keep chipping away and the truth will be revealed. We do have the right to know!

    • Thanks, Bill. I received a subtle threat yesterday which makes me expect a storm to come but i’m prepared to weather it. I have already reported it to the National Anti-Corruption for Public Service hotline and asked both a lawyer and a Captain in the Hawks for advice (before i directly lay the SAPS charge). I expect the Tourism Board will try protect themselves, part of which would be them scurrying to add more information to present to the AGM on June 20. If so, that will be a small victory in itself…but not enough.

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