Update: Knysna school bus accident — No Comments

  1. The testing station that issued the bus with a roadworthy certificate has been closed. Fraud and corruption charges are pending (yawn) but what about the driver of the metallic silver 4×4 that overtook me at speed, on a double white line, on the same road two days after the accident? What about all the other testing stations? What about the police vehicles exceeding the speed limits and breaking every other rule in the book? Why do most people believe that it is good manners to encourage drivers who are speeding on our highways, by moving politely into the Emergency lane?

    It’s all part of the same sad story. Where are the police? Why are they not trapping the heavy duty lorry drivers that come thundering down both hills into Knysna. Why for that matter are taxi drivers allowed on the roads? Why are bad mannered tourists allowed to get away with what is nothing short of murder on our roads?

    Attitudes need to change.

    • There also appears o be different rules for different areas. Nevertheless, the school bus accident has opened the can of worms which has prompted action around the country. Whether it will be sustainable is unlikely but at least, for now, the children are safer which unfortunately begs the problem that some can’t get to school now.

      PS: George has proposed a plan to overhaul their taxi industry.

  2. The bus was overloaded and there are almost questions being asked about the roadworthy tests. Personally I have heard far too many rumours about dodgy vehicle testing in this town, not to be horribly suspicious. I also see far too many instances of a complete disregard for the rules of the road and by the very people who are supposed to be responsible for upholding the law and setting an example. Why is anyone surprised? What are we going to do to prevent something similar happening again?

    Nothing, precisely nothing.

    This tragedy is just one of so many in this country. The price we pay for ignoring the obvious.

  3. This is very sad to all the people in the serounding area’s of Rheenendal I was born there in 1970 and for as long as I can remember that bridge look like that.Did it really take a freak accident like this loosing 16 lifes to fix…alot of accedents happen there before nothing happen all they said was we must fix the roads..from the old goverment’s days.So for me until they do something I’ll never beleve them….that’s not the only part of the road that needs fixing closer to Rheenendal just after Van Rheenen factory about a month or so ago a young boy lost he life.I not saying they to blame for that but that road needs a few speed humps before the bridge and after closer to Rheenendal please.

    • Incredibly sad! Bridge should have had a better guard rail too.

      The Knysna Municipality may have little money but the bigger problem is that they aren’t honest in admitting the full extent of local problems so that there can at least be discussion on how best to move forward. Their goal should be to prevent tragedy, not only react afterwards.