Vehicle testing station costs Ratepayers R2-million so far — No Comments

  1. Shane you can avail your services, but if you are not connected to the party in control you will be wasting your precious time. The appointment of Horizons at both Eden and Knysna municipality will be referred to the Public Protector for investigation. It is so strange that the opposition parties in council find it difficult to detect maladministration and in some cases blatant corruption.

  2. This is very interesting that Peter Alwright who use to work for ENS and stared his own forensic company was also used at Eden District Municipality. This chap was working for ENS when they were appointed to do a forensic investigation in Eden and after the DA took control of Eden the investigation was for some suspicious reason stopped and Mr Albright was appointed to do some further investigations. And what was that moron of a municipal manager at Eden’s reason for appointing Alwright’s Horizons, ” he is much cheaper than ENS”. This Albright was the lead investigator during the Eden investigations and they messed-up the investigation which resulted in Eden incurring a lost of R400 000. Now this same hap is blaming the former Acting Municipal Manager for negligence. This is very interesting world!

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