Warning to accommodation owners about Leisure Stay Group & Jaco Dercksen — 10 Comments

  1. Hi.

    In the last few days he has been spamming with variations of HBSAA addresses and we’ve blacklisted his ADSL account. As an ISP we can only react to abuse complaints and we’ve only received 3 from overseas freemail account holders, so by all means, delete SPAM but also report it to your ISP as abuse – some of us do take action. I don’t want to give too many details here and make this spammers any life easier.

  2. well, he had have a server rented from us in thailand, and after we threw him out because of numerous spam complaints and not paying his server rent fees in time, not even reacting to our invoices and final notices, we closed down his server, whereas he proceeded to threaten us… and has since posted untrue comments in at least one web site about us…

  3. I see on the same car site he was having the convo with, much later on, he posts this, which is patently untrue. he claims to have been shot in Mntunzini, meanwhile it was a young woman who was shot and he happened to be there:

    Quote: “Next time when you phone me please introduce yourself at first, freemasons work on degrees not on levels, I am a third degree master mason, check with the GLSA.

    You and your wife can relax I am not going to burn down your house like you claimed I am not going to have you killed like you claimed, in fact I am just going to do nothing to you.

    Yes the bank took back my house, and if you want to know why I will tell you, we had an armed robbery in our house, I was shot my family were beaten up badly and we all were left for dead, my baby boy were only six days old at that time. I was in ICU fighting for my life.

    We just could not stay there anymore and decided to move to Kzn, yes we lost about everything we had and on top of that I now have diabetes because of that.

    Let’s put this simple issue behind us, I did suppressed your e mail on my database and should it happen again that you get a mail of me one day just asked and I will take you off my lists immediately.

    You may go to my website and register with a username and password, I will give you that for free, one day it may come in very handy



    Not at all dodgy, I’d say?

  4. Jaco Derksen shows his idiot colours by reporting me to ISPA and DMASA, trying to make me out to be a baddie and he the victim. In another world this would be hilarious but never underestimate the danger of people such as this. Another super ego, indeed. Here’s a snippet from his email to them:

    “He is also requesting that we send him proof that we are real living human beings, I do not know where he is getting the authority to request things like that, I might get the impression someone is smoking weed, and do not have better things to do. Please instruct this idiot to stop harassing us, he mailed us we did not mail him, he is not on my database at all, all my mails do carry an unsubscribe and we do take people off our mailing list when they request to be taken off.”

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