We Are All Losers: The Truth About South Africa's 2014 Elections (Part 2) — No Comments

  1. A ‘one human, one vote’ democracy such as ours can work. But only if most voters actually work and contribute to the economy (or receive a pension that they’ve worked for, and on which they pay tax, after a long and productive working life). Unfortunately, in South Africa, there are many more people getting handouts from the governments in the form of welfare pensions, child grants etc., than there are working people paying tax. So, in South Africa, the takers make the decisions at the polls, while the givers (tax payers), are hold hostage to an under-employed, under-skilled, misinformed, under-educated majority. Maybe we should change to a ‘one tax payer, one vote’ democracy, then the skilled, the educated and the informed will be able to take the important decisions – such as who should lead our country to build up, rather than break down, our country and its economy.

    • I agree that people are more likely to participate if they perceive they have a stake in it (along the same thought pattern as a working man is more likely to have more pride than a jobless one). Unfortunately, handouts (unjustified) and assistance (justified) are here to stay so the bigger question is what do we do with what we’ve got?

  2. Media is the key, but there was almost no pro-Malema media, it backfired. He did not need to control the media to manipulate it. (say some scandalous stuff, and get headlines) – the media will continue to do this because sensationalism sells. (and red berets are pretty cool too)
    The media caused the demise of Cope, not the leadership feud, The media tried to kill Agang, but 2 seats in parliament is as good as the 10 of the IFP, because the little guys still cannot add up to much, but it only takes 1 parliamentarian to educate the others.

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