Why Did Lindiwe Mazibuko Quit? — No Comments

  1. I don’t think Maimane”The Hollow Man” should be the parliamentory leader, but it will work wll for the ANC if the DA elects him. He is no match for Lindiwe. I think the majority of the DA members will prefer Zille to be the leader in parliament. I wonder why sh is declining all the time, could it be because of the lucrative salary she gets as premier? She was ultimately the DA presidntial candidate for f k sakes. Why can’t the DA simply deploy the madam to parliament? Is the madam above the collective in the DA? Starnge democracy in the DA though.

    • In Parliament, as opposition, as a minority, your hands are mostly tied. It’s bickering and bickering but not much doing. But, as Premier, she gets to practice her power and, as party leader, makes all do her bidding anyone. The DA needs several strong leaders, not one, to become all it can become.

    • Zille arranged for that scholarship in order to get Lindiwe ouf the way. Musi will be the parliamentory leader with Lindiwe out of the way. The DA used Lindiwe to get 700 000 black votes for the DA. The Daceivers lied to the black voters!

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