Why I Quit the Knysna Ratepayers’ Association (KRA) — 8 Comments

  1. The point is; It’s not racism… it’s elitism. It’s not hate. It’s not racism.
    One cannot “participate” in two camps. One “chooses sides” based on the political clout one will end up with, not on hate or racist tendencies.
    Which is my point. We tend to blame racism in SA for all our ills, and it’s not that, by far. By identifying what it is we are fighting for, we bring a solution closer to the heart of the matter. Calling it hate and racism is muddying the water and playing, exactly, into the hands of the elitists who control the purse strings, and the destiny of every town, village, city or mega-city on the planet, bar none.
    I would love someone to point out just one single village, a multi-cultural village, town, city or even country, anywhere on this planet… anywhere, that has overcome this elitist, usually corporate driven cabal culture, and live happily under a common-cause structure. You won’t find one.
    Ergo, you are being utopian, at best, to call for this solution of participation based on a false premise, especially as there is no successful model in history to base this strategy on.
    Democracy does not work, ask the Greeks that one, it’s an elitist fallacy.

    • Gosh, i need to employ myself just to have enough time to debate with you:) Yes, elitism rules but racism is one version of it and the easiest. Put different kinds of white people in a country (like Serbia) and they will still find ways to hate one another. Hell, the Afrikaners and the English did it. So, yes, the desire to be better than another is the umbrella discrimination of our species. It’s very animal kingdom so it deserves its due because it got man to the top of the animal chain but it doesn’t mean i have to like it. And it certainly doesn’t mean that Knysna shouldn’t try reach out across the colour and cultural divide. Yes, again, democracy is a failure, as ineffective as communism because it denies human nature. Democracy is dictatorship with better marketing. Maybe one day (even soon) i will give up, acknowledging that Man is a beast that will never be tamed. He will always steal, rape, murder and stab his neighbour in the back.

  2. I often wonder if we are “farting against thunder” most of the time regarding racism. Nobody would ever justly accuse me of racism so I will ask… what is the definition of racism? It’s important to clarify.

    A lot of people, particularly liberals, do not seem to know the key Oxford Dictionary definition of racist, which is: “A person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.”
    I suggest we have a way to go before we get to a post-racist utopia. It involves FAR more than just “working together”. We are all environmental racists at heart, a product of where and how we grew up.

    The term environmental racism refers to a serious problem, but like institutional racism, it muddies the issue by implying that bad people acting with racial animus are behind it, when poverty, bad urban design, and segregated residential patterns put in place many years ago are really to blame. Can you say location?
    Racism is still a force to be reckoned with in South African society… But we should think twice before jumping to the convenient conclusion that people who don’t agree with us must be bigots. And we should call the bluff of people who play the race card for rhetorical advantage or political gain, whether they’re leftist agitators or right-wing loudmouths. There may never be consensus on what counts as racism when it’s in play.

    • That’s a good intellectual argument but in practice we have to expect more from any official organisation or political party that claims to represent Knysna. As for the question, “Are we farting against thunder?”, i ask myself that every day, and far more loudly this year. I teeter between wanting to work harder and giving up. Our town is a mess. A country is a mess. And all the forces at play seem to want to do is fight over the pieces instead of gluing it together.

  3. The KRA is and has been a DA aligned organization for the past 20 years. I knew all the previous chairpersons and leading members who were also active members of the then New National Party and the Democratic Party. Their agenda was and still is to look after white interest and they don’t care about coloured and African areas. Organisations from Hornlee and Damse-Bos will never join a racist organisation like KRA. Knysna is divided and it will be impossible for the residents to work together whilst some people have these racist attitudes (them and us).

    • I would agree that they have been but totally disagree with your conclusion. Participating is what makes change. Not participating is also bias and makes the non-doers as guilty. People point fingers, using hate and race to maintain control over their little chiefdoms. Most Black, Coloured and White organisations in Knysna are as guilty as hell. Instead of stating why they won’t do something they should rather state how they are going to change this ridiculous status quo that will, in the end, make losers of us all.