Why Shaun van Eck was Dismissed (Part 3) — 11 Comments

  1. We would like to confirm that an invitation to the meeting mentioned above had been sent to all members of Knysna Tourism.

    It was confirmed at the mentioned press briefing that Shaun van Eck had been found guilty of allegations relating to Misconduct in terms of the South African Labour Law. Since this press conference, the full allegations leveled at van Eck, as well as the independent Chairperson of the disciplinary inquiry’s full evaluations and findings have been forwarded to all members of Knysna Tourism, as well as all media (including Wicked Mike and Knysna FM).

    While being called “a bunch of petrol-heads” by a member of the media may offend most people and put most people on the defensive, we believe that our representatives at the press briefing conducted themselves in a professional manner, despite the unnecessary pressure and hostility leveled at them from certain members of the floor.

    The Board had acted according to its mandate in so far as it trusted in the information that was provided to it by its CEO. Once it became apparent that this was often a misrepresentation of the facts, the Board took further steps according to its mandate, resulting in van Eck’s dismissal. Had these steps not been taken, the Board would in that case have been grossly negligent and Knysna would be in an even more dire situation for years to come.

    As for “vested interests” – it is important to note that Board members are appointed on a voluntary basis and derive no financial gain whatsoever from serving the members of Knysna Tourism. We find it difficult to imagine what “self serving interests” are alluded to, and again confirm that no Board member is paid a salary for serving as such.
    We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Knysna FM.

    The efficient and able staff at Knysna Tourism have delivered fantastic service to the public and other stakeholders throughout this trying time and remain diligent in their service to Knysna.

    Knysna Tourism Board

    • Unexpected but certainly “welcome” to Knysna Tourism for responding. Hopefully we’ll all be a lot clearer on this issue once the CCMA case is concluded.

  2. Firstly, there is only one liar, and any critical thinking person will immediately know to whom I am referring.

    Secondly, my response has been substantially edited by you, thus reflecting an incomplete and skewed submission. Unfortunately (for you), suspecting that this would be case, a copy was made prior to submission. Text comparisons will be made on an opposition blog site.

    Thirdly, as a retired person of substantial means I am fully independent and represent no organisation. My association with the radio station is purely consultative from an IT and Production perspective, and is voluntary. At the meeting in question, I represented MYSELF, and based on this fact the station manager requested me to submit a report, which I duly did.

    Fourthly, I recorded the entire meeting for the simple fact that I have had in the past egotistical simpletons posing as “informed” bloggers and “social commentators” and quite clearly found themselves completely out of their depths. It appears that there is little variance from this observation with this blog site. Given your propensity to edit my response, why should I not believe that the same fate would befall the recording I made of this meeting, thus falsifying the contents of the recording. Given the easy access of recording and audio software available for computers in today’s modern technology, this is a very real problem. Notwithstanding, I will use it

    Fifthly, it is quite clear from your written response to my use of the psychological phenomena known as “cognitive dissonance” that you do not have the faintest notion of the context in which I have chosen to use it. As the for the other words used (that were edited out of the response), it is certainly demonstrates a complete lack of quality education on your behalf, whilst the genealogical connectivity would best left from prying minds.

    Sixthly, it is sadly evident that you have a complete inability to differential between “subjectivity” and “objectivity”. Your copious blog submissions hitherto substantiates this observation.

    In conclusion, once again my submission is recorded for future reference, which will be used for comparison at the appropriate occasion.

    • You become only the second person to be banned from this site. Lying for self-gain is not tolerated. I did not edit your comment and have a copy of the original as i’m sent a notification of each comment (i will post a screen shot of that after KnysnaFM has provided an official response). You did represent KnysnaFM and are now backtracking because of the complaint i made to the radio station. Additionally, KnysnaFM has set a meeting with Tourism to sort your mess. As said, you are welcome to provide the mp3 so as to let the public decide whether your ‘journalistic’ questions were worth my query. Your response has certainly being over-the-top. I do not cower to bullies…and a bully you are. I fight bullies.

  3. Firstly, please note that my name is Baden Hall, and not Baden Powell.

    Secondly, I did NOT attend the meeting with an agenda of supporting any particular party, but rather the seeking to extract THE FACTS leading up to the dismal of the Knysna Tourism CEO.

    Having read previous blogs authored by your hand, if there is any pre-scribed agenda at this so-called “Press Conference”, it was at your own volition. Furthermore your claim is clearly a classic example of Cognitive Dissonance.

    The actions of the board of Knysna Tourism are equally suspect as, had they functioned according to their mandate, the “checks and balances” lauded by the rather defensive Marian (Mack) McIlvenna and Greg Vogt, it would not have escalated to the situation that Knysna Tourism finds itself at present. This is not a subjective claim on my behalf, but rather objective knowledge empirically glean from my past 40 years involved in public affairs and corporative board rooms.

    The situation surrounding Knysna Tourism screams of vested interest by members of the board. The old adage; If you want to get to the bottom of it, then FOLLOW THE MONEY. It is common knowledge that the local economy has brought pressure to bear on almost all citizens, both individuals as well as juristic entities, and as Government is the “Employer of Last Resort” there is no doubt in my mind that if one were to dig deep enough and uncover the real motivation behind this morass, it is all about “self-serving interest” by members of the board, and to bolster their own sagging revenue streams.

    Reading your previous blogs, both before and after, having fallen out with Shaun van Eck, you have had a personal axe to grind following your financial disappointment. Why should other people be any different from you? Once again, the old adage, the bigger the numbers, the more desperate people become.

    No, my friend, you had better be very circumspect when associating my name with your blogs. I choose to associated with people who add value to their fellow man’s lives. I will not permit destructive, ignorant, vile and uncouth onanists to pollute my Being.

    And for what it’s worth, “Never argue with the man behind the microphone”

    • I explain my opinions. You, unfortunately don’t. Instead of substantiating your accusations, you instead turn this into a flame thread and threaten me. You don’t know me otherwise you wouldn’t have threatened. You, obviously, should not be on air. But since you are, fire away…

      However, the second, better option is for you do choose to be constructive. Start by uploading a copy of the recording you made of the press conference. I’m happy to link to it. The public can decide for themselves regards the Board, you, me etc. They should also keep in mind that you were there representing Knysna FM. I would have found your statements subjective in the extreme even if you were representing yourself but it was worsened by you being there to represent Knysna FM which i would hope would represent the community of Knysna. Of course, i question your actions.

      I have made no secret of my distaste for Shaun van Eck. Liars should not lead Knysna. I’ve been passionate in my opposition and as loud as i can be because no one else was prepared to put it in the public domain. The goal, which was achieved, was to make the public think and question.

      Of course the Board must bear some responsibility. As with Shaun, i’m the only one to have questioned them publicly. I went as far as to try name and shame. I wanted check and balances in place. What they do have going in their favour is that they have did their job now. They will have learned a lot from it. Their merits and demerits should be debated seperately because they do not excuse Shaun van Eck’s action.

      Cognitive dissonance would imply fantasy replacing reality but the reality is that the entire Board stood together and dumped Shaun van Eck. The Board included people handpicked by him and friends. I believe that there is too much politics in all big positions in Knysna but that was a helluva turnaround which suggests something was truly rotten in the state of Eck.

  4. Mike,all the members did not get an invite…conspiracy?

    The board are misleading the public and the members. There are gross factual inaccuracies in the statements. The board have lost the trust and respect of the public and their members. In accordance with good governance rules they should be investigated. No gross misconduct was found. This situation was unnecessary, unprofessionally handled by the board and the appointed consultants. My call is for a thorough appraisal of the proceedings not for applauding poor leadership and the lack of wisdom and basic mangement of something that is affecting the status of our beautiful town.

    • Apologies for the slow reply. I was offline yesterday.

      I received notification twice through their standard Mailchimp list. Are you saying that you didn’t? Before we jump to conspiracy, first check if there was a problem. That’s not me covering for the Board. After all, i was deliberately removed from the mailing list for a period (which was likely Shaun’s or the Board’s decision).

      I don’t think that the Board are misleading us. We have them on record regards giving us the facts after the CCMA case is complete.

      Again, i’m not defending the Board which still has a lot of my questions to answer. Not to mention that it includes 2 politicians who lied to me. But, after the press conference, and the member’s meeting, i found them credible so for now i’m placing my hope in them.

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