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  1. View the “inspirational video ” Something inside so strong”. Lots of questions yah!We are not the people centred society that President Mandela talk about in one of his state of the nation speeches. We are very distant from our disadvantaged compatriots. I always say to people that during the apartheid days we used to be so caring (in the black and coloured communities). We will do something for another person without any reward, but after 1994 we became strangers to one another and we all are in search of material wealth.

    • It’s epidemic amongst all cultures and the real reason behind most conflict. Doesn’t matter the race or colour, there has always been Haves and Have-Nots, the struggle to get or keep. That battle got shoved off the cliff when public servants traded passion and cause for wealth and politics. It removed much of the check-and-balance that’s needed for society to control its animalism so as to exist.

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