Will New Land Claims Build or Destroy South Africa? — No Comments

  1. The Times: “About 700 000 people claiming to be descendants of Ndebele King Tshwane have claimed ownership of Pretoria in one of the biggest land claims ever to be contested in court, according to a report in The Times. Last week, the claimants won the first round when the Land Claims Court granted an order compelling the Regional Land Claims Commissioner for Gauteng and North West to reinstate their claim. ” Full article at http://www.timeslive.co.za/thetimes/2014/03/05/pretoria-under-massive-land-claim.

  2. The fact of the matter is that for the past 20 years we have glossed over the bitterness that was created by apartheid in general and land dispossession in particular. It is a fact that the black majority in this country have leaned backwards to accommodate the fears of the white minority and what did we get in return? Sweet nothing! Land claims were instituted but most of the elderly people being old and sickly opted to take the money and in Knysna’s case which was R16 000. This was now really a travesty of justice perpetrated by own democratically elected government! My family for instance was removed from Old Place and that land , after more 37 years is still lying fallow with my grand parents and most of the elders who originally stayed there, buried. The issue of land and the attitude of our white compatriots towards the issue of land is going to land us where Zimbabwe is today.

    We need a completely new thinking around land restitution where the outcome will be a win-win situation. The government and private sector as well civil society must make a united effort to realize real land restitution that will ultimately benefit the country and those who were prejudiced by the horrific effects of apartheid. Today in Knysna it is completely unaffordable for black people to own land and property in the previously white areas and we still have apartheid spatial planning perpetrated by our municipality. Both the DA and ANC are responsible for this situation. In order to avoid a Zimbabwe on our shores, we need to talk openly and frankly about these issues, and correct what needs to be corrected.

    • There needs to be a determination over what is fair instead of polar opposite views. Some claims need to be given up because they go too far back with so much having happened before but others, such as in Brackenhill and Ruigtevlei, where the communities still reside, have to be prioritised (with assistance from government instead of leaving poor communities lacking experience to figure out legalities).

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