Willful Ignorance: This is Why You are Destroying South Africa — No Comments

  1. Angry article Mike but who can really blame you? I will however refrain from sharing my thoughts on the yet another boring attack on religion. In general; for as long as there is no alternative available for people they will keep on begging their idols “Nothing’s true and nothings right….lie to me, I promise I’ll believe. Lie to me but please don’t leave!” – Cheryl Crow song

    • Religion is not the point of the article but of course, to a Christian such as you, you would likely see that paragraph emphasised more than it’s meant to be. I used it as a point because of the number of atheists (literally) on News24 who ironically slam any mention against the DA. I also view Creationism differently to Christianity or religion as a whole.
      True about your “idols” remark. The problem in SA is that far too often idols become bigger than what they’re suppose to be serving e.g. Zuma becomes the ANC, Zille the DA, Thuli the Public Protector – but none of these people should be more important than the body whose they are suppose to represent.