The worst lies the DA & Zille told South Africa?

DA Helen Zille lies versus truth

One of the worst lies Helen Zille and the Democratic Alliance ever told was:

“It was a personal cheque, from his personal bank account. It did not come from a Gupta company, nor from the Guptas, but it was handed over at their home. Because we had been guests at the Gupta’s home, our fundraising department included our standard letter of thanks to the Guptas, even though the donation had not come from them.”

Don’t forget history for the sake of your bias. You can read her letter to the Guptas at the bottom of this page.

What’s the worst lie the DA has ever told you?

For me, personally, the worst lie was that they were anti-corruption and promoters of good governance, transparency and accountability. Then they protected the criminals I exposed and tried to destroy me.

They betrayed me. They betrayed the Western Cape. They betrayed South Africa with clever marketing.

I used to look up to the DA and, particularly, Helen. Now I want to lock them up. I’m pissed off! I have very right to be! You should be pissed off too.

This has nothing to do with the ANC (fight their corruption where you live). I fight corruption in DA land. Wherever you are, stand against political corruption and hypocrisy. Make your town and city a home again.

DA Helen Zille thanks Guptas donation letter 2013 - lies