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  1. I don’t work in the circus but do have an interest in circuses and also in animals. I wonder how many people leaving comments on here have actually been to the McLaren Circus for themselves and seen the animals, their living and exercise facilities and what they do in the ring before commenting. I personally have yet to see the McLaren Circus so cannot comment on their animals or their animal facilities. However, the animal circuses I have seen in various countries have included well cared for, fit and healthy animals, who have big large living conditions and throughout the day, have access to plenty of exercise, in order to keep them stimulated. Stimulation for animals in the true wild (what’s left of it) and in zoos in fairness is very limited. Like any sensible person I don’t want to see animals being kept in confined conditions and badly treated and that comment applies to domestic pets, farm animals, riding stables, the zoo, safari park and the circus. If the circus is breaking local animal welfare laws, then you have the right to complain and you could do something about it. If the circus is breaking no laws and fully complies with all local/national animal welfare regulations, then really do you have the right to object just because you don’t like animals in circuses. A large percentage of people do, they have the right to watch such entertainment if they wish and if you are against the idea of animals performing, then you also have the right not to buy a ticket. Nobody will complain if you don’t buy a ticket, so why should you complain if someone else does. I personally have no issue with performing animals, providing the training is done by positive reinforcement (ie reward and praise based training) and the routines the animals ‘perform’ is based on animals natural abilities and natural movements, their living and exercise facilities comply with all animal regulations. To those people who say they don’t go to the circus because its cruel, I just hope you are not jumping on the animal rights bandwagon. To have an opinion you have to be informed and to be informed you have to have first hand knowledge of what you are talking about.

  2. Wicked Mike, Your ‘argument’ is totally illogical and you constantly conflate facts with your personal opinions. Just one of many rather outrageous examples: “The law of nature is that, cruel or not, the most vicious/successful animal wins. We are that animal.” Clearly you are not schooled in any philosophical arguments or world views other than an extremely narrow Hobbesian view – I suggest you read more widely. And your argument that thousands of people (sorry, HUNDREDS of thousands!) will purportedly lose their jobs overnight because we may stop eating animals. And we should be aghast at this real possibility, and make sure we continue eating animals to prevent such a disaster. Firstly, that will never happen at the drop of a hat, it will decrease slowly in time, mark my words. Secondly, this is somewhat off the topic of enslaving WILD animals in a circus, for no other reason than making money for the circus owners and providing an hour of entertainment for feckless crowds. Your little foray into this hot topic was not very successful.

  3. Circus the healthiest cleanest entertainment never had to be censored ok if you ban the circus what is next birds in cages horse racing pets football & cricket the leather ball comes from animals all in the council should not drink tea as it is taking a tiger habitat away in india will all at the council stop wearing leather Robert Perry our family have ran circuses in Australia for over 100 years & visited your beautiful country in july last year dont ban the circus

  4. There’s an interesting comment at the beginning of the video of the amazing story of Christian, the lion raised by humans. It says that Ace and John bought the lion at Harrods, and that people today would be horrified by the idea of a lion cub being sold in a department store. Isn’t that exactly what we who are opposed to wild animals in circuses are saying? Just because it was considered okay in the past, it doesn’t mean that animal circuses are acceptable today. I really don’t think the issue of eating meat or not eating meat is relevant in this debate. We are talking about the circus. We are talking about keeping animals in a totally unnatural environment and training them to do totally unnatural tricks for human entertainment. Why not bring back the gladiators or freak shows – they were also considered ‘acceptable’ by the societies of their time. Are we not better educated and informed, and have our moral values not evolved to a point where we can see that wild animals have no place in circuses?

    • I absolutely agree that human circuses are better! And that there are people who make rational arguments for animal rights.
      My concern was that illogical hysteria often overshadows argument and that newspapers, ever seeking sensationalism, don’t present the full public view. Half of the hundreds of votes on this site were people saying the matter is overblown. The side point is not whether they are wrong or right but that the media isn’t presenting a journalistic view on topics such as this.
      I used an overall view of animal rights (not just circuses) to make a point e.g. a dog or cat lover is rarely going to be found fighting for the rights of pigs (even though the latter are often more intelligent than their pet). There is culturalism at play.
      Lazy ‘activism’ (those that would only shout on a blog instead of committing to a life creed with resultant action) is useless. I believe that people should do their best to live their beliefs and not be armchair critics… especially those that are over-emotional because that dilutes their argument (i am not referring to you – i’m responding fully because i respect your comment and so want to clarify my approach).

      • Well Mike
        Why are you raising the fact that KAWS never contacted you here. Surely that is inappropriate. It is great that you have this blog going but keep to the subject!!

  5. I am dumbstruck after reading this.
    The author makes a flawed argument in an apparent attempt to project his own guilt feelings for enjoying animal circuses onto those who are opposed to the use of animals in circuses. The author is aware of the cruelty and unecessary confinement that these animals are subjected to, yet enjoys to watch the show, which creates a conflict within himself. He tries to deal with this conflict by publicly making various inaccurate assumptions, thereby also trying to recruit others with similar conflicts to support his views.
    Assuming that all individuals that are opposed to the use of animals in circuses, consume animal products to their heart’s content, and referring to them as “hypocrites” is absurd.
    It is disheartening that in this modern day and age, people still support and enjoy this archaic form of “entertainment”, and also impress upon their children the belief that is it acceptable to cage and exploit animals. A few moments of enjoyment does not justify a lifetime of slavery for circus animals.
    The author makes numerous points in an attempt to make this practice seem acceptable, referring to “positive reinforcement” training techniques, and unfairly accusing those who don’t share his or her views of various misdemeanors.
    However, it remains cruel and unnecessary to remove animals from their families, imprison them for life, and subject them to “training” to perform unnatural acts for human amusement. There is simply no excuse and no place for this practice in 2014.

    • Mia, unfortunately you didn’t read all of it which maybe proves my point. I said, at the start of this blog, that i was against animals in cages but, out of concern at how many are irrational in coming to the same decision, and ensuring that my own logic was rational, i gave both sides. At the end of it, i said that i still do not believe in animals in cages. I never attended the circus this past weekend and have no intention of doing so in the future unless it were to gain more education (definitely not entertainment).

  6. Circuses are cruel places for animals and the training even crueller, stop circuses and also stop eating meat, you make a morgue of your fridge and a grave of your stomach, humans are not made to eat meat, no fangs or claws or digestive system that is made for meat, you will all get cancer from all the hormones pumped into the animals to make them fat or get drug resistant diseases as you will be ingesting the antibiotics the animals are given to keep them well and when you need antibiotics you will be resistant to antibiotics which leaves you in big trouble, got it?????

  7. Haaa I agree fully!! Protesters eat meat as I always said that. We need to see a circus with animals just as protesters love to eat their meat all over trying to make names for themselves – close all meat outlets! Let them suffer with no meat to eat!! Steve Irwin’s family continue with his love of the wild – leave the circus alone!! So much to say – I’ll always support the circus with animals – look after yours better and use the circus as an experience of how to take care of animals they are indeed caring and loving Do not be jealous!! You could not own a circus or carried out your dreams and you live with fights with your inner selves Animals for Always in this beautiful circus

    • Sally – I come from a long line of circus performers – my parents detested the way animals were treated and trained – the methods of training is still used today! The animal’s spirit is broken through physical abuse and torture (baby elephants). Having traveled with some of the biggest animal circuses in the world the methods of training in all the circuses that have animals are the same! When you buy a ticket to go and watch a circus you pay for the torture those animals have gone through and go through on a daily basis.

      • Hello Colleen, I would be interested to know which circuses you have worked with and which animal trainers you have spent time watching training animals by cruelty and torture! If what you are saying was true, did you or your parents try to stop this!!! Certainly, I am pretty sure in the past, there has been animal trainers/presenters who haven’t always trained and presented animals in a proper manner, just as there are bad pet owners, bad doctors or indeed teachers! However, when we have one bad teacher/doctor/pet owner or whatever, we don’t label all of the same as bad, yet if one person within the circus community does something wrong, all the circus industry is bad! The animal trainers I have watched in several countries on many many occasions have never used any form of cruelty or torture in order to train, in fact quite the opposite and the fact that many of these training sessions are open to the general public daily, also shows they have nothing to hide! You couldn’t hide cruelty daily from the general public.