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  1. I fully support the Scots bid for independence, everyone should have the freedom of choosing their own destiny, even though this isn’s always possible or realistic. Our ancestors fought for freedom against the English and lost only to reclaim it years later. So why can’t the Scots. The irony in the sithuation is that it was King James I of Scotland the united the thrones of Scotland and England to form the British throne after inheriting the English throne after the death of Elizabeth I.

  2. As you may know Mike, there are about 5 million Scots living outside the country (as many as within) who sadly have no say in tomorrow’s referendum. The criterion used for participation in the vote was having an address in Scotland.

    So as a disenfranchised Scot, I welcome this opportunity to respond to your short piece. There is division in my household. My other half is ‘feird o’ the consequences’ of separation’ precisely because she had absorbed a pack of lies from the ‘no’ camp (including from big business, threatening to leave Scotland if we break the Union). I say, let the Scottish people decide if they want to continue to invest in businesses which make such threats. For instance, the Royal Bank of Scotland depends almost entirely on Scots for the bulk of its business. If RBS move their HQ south, as threatened, then the Yes Campaign should motivate their supporters to close RBS accounts.

    But on the larger issue (Independence or not) I see an incredible opportunity Scotland tomorrow. Doubters should understand that many small countries thrive (Denmark, Norway, Sweden for example). Moreover, those I’ve quoted are among the most civilised in the world, with the highest standards of living. What should Scotland not join this group, in due course?

    I reckon that an Independent Scotland may endure a short term dip to begin with. But what a bonus to be able at last to make all of its decisions for itself. Self determination. Including most importantly, foreign and defence policy issues. No more Trident nuclear missiles based on Scottish soil. No more waste of countless billions of pounds, maintaining this (American) technology. No more sending Scottish boys to die on foreign adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, at the behest of a Westminster Parliament. I could go on.

    I live in hope that the vote will go in favour of Independence. The Scots are credible people. We should not need to play second fiddle to the huge English majority in UK.

    • Thanks for that wonderfully fat comment. It was appalling of big business to threaten the country but hopefully people won’t be fooled by their shenanigans. There’s always, for example, another bank ready to take ones money. Politics of war and money has sided with the No Vote camp – that, alone, should be enough to make any reasonable person vote Yes. Today, we’ll discover if there are enough reasonable Scottish alive.

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