You Knysna Ratepayers Just Paid Again — No Comments

  1. Rosy or whatever your name is, why are you not admitting or denying that Lauren Warring who resigned a month ago was one of delegates despite the fact that council will not get any value for money from her attending the said conference? That is the issue my dear.

    • The rule here is no fake profiles (your edress is a generalised one that does not appear on the net). You can remain anonymous so long as you, at least, identify yourself in an email to me. I’m hoping that if you have solid information, you will. I’d rather have the 100% facts than information gained on the side. Alternatively, you can remain anonymous to me and simply email me the information. There would be no need for digging for information if the Knysna Municipality chose to be cooperative and always inform the public what was going on.

  2. Lauren must pay back the money! This is fruitless and wasteful expenditure! The DA is building small Nkandlas all over the Western Cape!

    • She’s an utter hypocrite. First she says there’s no money but that she and Easton will try raise it. Then announces her resignation a month later whilst going on to spend more cash frivolously. So blatant so as to be insulting.

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